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Ambra Mattioli Art Performer Writer

Why do I need to write? Because the author is the invisible hero of the narration, who moves through the pages and, silent and invisible, whispers to the reader the souls of the characters and the unfolding of the plot. 

Someone said that writing is one of the most complex activities of the human brain. 

As for me, the facets, the contradictions, the colors crowding and pushing inside the tip of my pen are coming from dreams. The most difficult part is to transform into words, line after line, the sensations, smells, images of those dreams. There, people often live in paradoxical scenarios, not bound by the real world's laws. If I could share with you even a glimpse of my dreamed worlds it would be much simpler, but, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a neural chip for that...yet. So far, only a few of my many dreams have found their way to a written page.

My first published work is “Amber's World”, two books about a not so distant future and a hypothetical destiny for mankind: “The missing piece of the puzzle” and “The other face of God”. I dreamed the plot of the first one in a single night. When I woke up, it was still so vivid and detailed in my mind that, for fear of losing it, I kept my two sons home from school and told it to them, which took the best part of the day. That is how my son Flavio became my co-writer. The second one, a sequel, but also a stand alone story, was the result of a series of surprising coincidences.


I started the journey of writing with joy, then I learned about the growing commitment of effort and discovery, at the same time proof of limits, and ability, of horizons and dimensions.

The three books of the "La Trilogia di Amber" (i.e. "Amber Trilogy"), translated into English become the two books of "Amber's World".

I collected the images and whispers of my other dreams in the short stories of "Paradigm Imperfect - Stories of Bordering Universes".

I took up the handwritten folders years and years before, and I repeated in the pages of "The land of others" the freshness, dreams and adventures thought when my life flowed in a world that I still felt mine.

Other awakenings of mine have followed the indications that come to me from "my city", in which I go only when I dream; the traces of complex thoughts and feelings, that my pen unravel in the pages of my "Black Star".

Ambra Mattioli Writer | Paradigm Imperfect |Stories of bordering Universes
Ambra Mattioli Writer | Amber's World | The missing piece of the puzzle | The other face of God
Ambra Mattioli Writer | La Terra degli Altri | Ambra Mattioli The Earth of Others
Ambra Mattioli Writer | Ambra Mattioli Black Star




Both the original and the English version of the novels can be found on the most popular online stores (for example Amazon). 


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