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Imperfect Paradigm

Stories of Peripheral Universes

- soon in English -

Ambra Mattioli Writer | Ambra Mattioli Paradigm Imperfect | Ambra Mattioli Stories of Bordering Universes
Imperfect Paradigm - Stories of Peripheral Universes

Here is my first collection of short stories. They are possible and impossible tales, where I lead the reader, and the characters across the threshold of bordering universes, which are similar, and yet never identical to our own. Places of the mind, soul and body, which the instinct rather than the intellect can recognize. 

The eBook is available on all major online book sales websites and, on Amazon the printed version of the e-book. Enjoy! - Soon in English -

In my opinion, writing a short story is probably the least easy exercise for a writer. I think it is not easy to express in a few pages an entire situation, a mood, an understandable whole, complete and at the same time open to images and narrative solutions, suggested by his own imagination to the reader. My intent is "to write well", and my commitment, to propose flowing stories, capable of stimulating time by time in the reader suggestion, horror, mystery, a non-pedantic philosophy bit, enjoyment, disturbing situations and accomplished thoughts. Even more important for me, that my short stories lead without boredom, with curiosity and desire to read, towards interesting worlds or on which at least it is worth reflecting.

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