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Black Star

Ambra Mattioli Writer | Ambra Mattioli Black Star
Black Star

Rufo, the main character of the novel, moves in a dimension that goes beyond synesthesia. He soon realizes that his way of feeling is out of the ordinary, and learns to keep quiet to keep out of trouble. It grows alone, but the light it hides is a unique coefficient, too cumbersome to pass unnoticed. Someone realizes its sparkle, as it goes unscathed through the painful years of the war, then those of the reconstruction, pushing itself to the threshold of a changing time, along which to sow seeds of an amazing reality, up to the Black Star that from its “Villa” spreads light on possible worlds.

"The story takes place in the hall of great sinners in Hell, whose ceiling is covered with stars and shines, like the first glances of love…"

It is the beginning of a song of mine, that I wrote forty years ago, and it happens that the lyrics are perfect for this: "Black Star". Today as then, unexplained coincidences are recurring factors in my life.


The coincidences, the déjà-vu, are footprints that relate the real world to the oneiric, in which dreams represent the only coherent and reassuring link.

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