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"Oggi è un altro giorno" Rai1 talk show. Serena Bortone interviews Ambra Mattioli

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

"Oggi è un altro giorno” (i.e. "Today is another day") is a talk show broadcast live on Rai 1 TV from Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm from Studio 3 of the Rai Production Center in Via Teulada in Rome.

I read that the program was born with the intent to tell about Italy restarting after the hard blow suffered by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Oggi è un altro giorno” wants to tell every day how the country wants to find normality by starting over from the stories of people, famous and not, to understand, to share, to learn more about today's reality, which is… "Another day". Over three commentators who change every week, recurring spaces of the program are the VIP interview and the political or current affairs talk show.

Serena Bortone, anchorwoman of the TV show, kindly invited me at the broadcast on December 7. I met in her an affable, nice person with a strong character, a decisive and shrewd journalist, never superficial in her questions, even when these may appear carefree. Entertainment made by Serena in the program is of a good and intelligent quality IMHO. I had the opportunity to see her at work, not only under the eye of the cameras, and I struck once again by this frenetic world, unknown to the nonprofessional, from what "doing" a broadcast entails. Serena is a real leader. She keeps the ranks of everything and dictates the times - always very tight - of the transmission, its rules, looking to effects on the public of what she moves with her personal gestures and words. I saw and appreciated her stage presence and journalism, and above all her professionality, never overwhelmed by the relentless passing of minutes, which on the contrary she leads with style towards the traced path.

In her interview, she did not give me discounts, but I was always at ease. I also had the opportunity to meet other interesting people. Serena surprised me for the video link with Clementino, my coach in "The Voice of Italy, Senior", who showed live my novel book “Black Star” he is reading, with the dedication I wrote to him. Thanks, Serena! For asking me, who I am and how I became the person I am, for trying to explore my emotions and tell them a little bit. It was a brief but intense meeting, and I really appreciated you and your invitation.

The interview is on YouTube® and I link it here for those who want to see it.

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