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Radio Kaos Italy. David Bowie special with Ambra Mattioli and Francesco Infarinato.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

January 10 is a special day for us who love David Bowie and what he represents in our lives. There are those who feel in mourning, those who remember him with a tear, those with a smile; in listening in his music, the moments he gave us in the flow of emotions that are ours alone. Emotions always personal and difficult to homologate. Ashes, sand, difficult to keep except in one's own memory and experience… Ashes, sand, which we can nevertheless hold for an almost eternal moment.

I’m living in a silent film

of dream reality

I’m sinking in the quicksand of my thought

In this year 2021 the COVID emergency continues. For the first time in the last ten years, we are not able to pay homage live to David Bowie with our traditional bash. However, we Aladdin Insane David Bowie Tribute found a system to remember his music and talk about him! Monday 11 January 17:00, here we are at “Radio Kaos Italy” for the two-hour special that the radio dedicates to him. We are guests of Olivia Balzar in her "Backstage" broadcast entirely dedicated to the White Duke.

In reasons of space and safety, there are only two of us Aladdin Insane: I Ambra Mattioli with my voice and guitar, Francesco Infarinato with his piano. We are here at the radio studios to play live some songs and share anecdotes, curiosities and emotions with listeners. We sing "Lady Stardust", "Space Oddity", "Life on Mars?", "Quicksand" and "Loving the Alien". We talk about him and about my novel "Blackstar". We all listen with pleasure to Ezio Guaitamacchi who connects with us on the phone and presents his book: "Love, death & Rock 'n' roll - the last hours of 50 rock stars, background and mysteries", containing some interesting pages about David Bowie. A successful experience, a radio broadcast that Olivia conducts with sympathy among the emotions that accompany us for two hours, reminding her listeners that music made with visceral passion is an immortal work of art.

Here is the link to the podcast of the broadcast, and a few more pics. Have a good listening.

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