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"The Voice of Italy, Senior" Semifinal (knockout). Ambra Mattioli sings "Space Oddity"

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

On December 18, Rai 1 TV broadcast the semifinal (“knockout”) of “The Voice of Italy, Senior”. I sing Space Oddity”. The music “cut” that was assigned to me is not easy, as it was not that of Heroes at the Blind Auditions”. The stage, however much you can master it, can always surprise and on this particular one, so immense and with millions people of audience, the tension felt. Nevertheless, I am calm and I only think about singing with the love I can, aware that being here on Rai 1 TV is a great opportunity that I am more than happy to live. Tonight my adventure ends and I am grateful to have met and to have worked, with very special people from Fremantle's production: Alessandra, Assia, Elisabetta, Antonio, whom I carry in my heart for their kindness and preparation. I thanks the music consultant Alex and the musicians too, talented professionals who played live accompanying all the performances. I am glad to have met some sincere people among other competitors, with whom I formed a bond. I have had also the opportunity to know the sincere affability and sweetness of Antonella Clerici, the anchorwoman of the show, and to see at work the coaches of us competitors, Albano Carrisi, his daughter Jasmine, Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè, Clementino. I appreciated all of them for their professionalism, their listening skills and musical preparation. Above all, I carry in my heart my coach Clementino, his great culture and humanity, his being alive as you see it. It was a discovery beyond the appearances and the obligatory paths of what is a TV show. He is a beautiful person, who I carry in my thoughts with sincere affection.

Linko qui il video di Space Oddity pubblicato dalla Rai:

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