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"Il Caffè di RaiUno" TV show. Pino Strabioli and Roberta Ammendola meet Ambra Mattioli.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

"Il Caffè di RaiUno" talk show, airs on Saturdays at 7 am and accompanies those who prepare coffee, before to go to work or school. There are guests, news, insights on theater, cinema, books and music, stories and protagonists of yesterday and today. I read that it wants to be a journey through art between events, testimonies and ideas of a country that wants to be reborn. I saw it sometimes and it is one of the few non-pressing TV shows, not aimed at surprising the audience at all costs, IMHO. In the morning, you need a little quiet when you are getting ready to start the day :)

On January 16, I am a guest of Roberta Ammendola and Pino Strabioli, anchors of the show. They are two appreciable journalists, polite, nice and affable, who immediately put me at ease. We talked about my passion for music, for David Bowie and my recent participation in "The Voice Senior", my other passions for painting, cabinet making and writing. In addition, obviously about my novel "Black Star" and being synesthetic, which had both struck and intrigued them with spontaneous sincerity and simplicity, which I appreciate so much. All the staff of Saxa Rubra's studios were also really kind and professional towards me. Here is the excerpt from the video of the broadcast, concerning me. This is I, and I hope you can find interesting to watch the video. Below, some other pics taken from the video itself. Good listening and good reading for those who want to read my "Black Star" novel.

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