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"FACE TO FACE" : Etienne Rudel interviews Ambra Mattioli.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I always surprise when people ask me for an interview or when people are curious about my "strange" artistic activity. I am amazed because I am essentially a shy woman and in the years in which I played and sang the music and songs of David Bowie, it had never happened to me to raise so much attention but also so much affection among the fans of the "White Duke".

"Something has changed". Something has certainly changed, since that fateful 10 January 2016 in which David Bowie passed away. It is true, I am shy, but on stage, it is another matter. The "singer-actor" is the one who becomes what he interprets; who abandons himself completely in the arms of his inspiring muse and that is exactly what happens to me when I am on stage. What the spectators feel in those moments is real, because the feeling I express is true; it is true the feeling that emanates from me and falls on them with the rhythm of a slow breathing. It is not at all difficult to guess. People vibrate because of the music but also for the emotion that pervades us all during the show. My singing at the end is an act of love, a special collective ritual that unites the audience and me and makes us similar. This happens because the memory of a very great interpreter is strong and indelible in our minds, but especially the image of an exceptional person who gave us so much: David Robert Jones, aka David Bowie.

Etienne Rudel is an intelligent, straightforward person, who immediately put me at ease and managed to capture interesting and pleasant - even ironic - aspects of my artistic activity. What we said in front of the camera of his "", could help to understand my spontaneity when I am on stage. The same spontaneity that makes my performances different every time. For this reason, I say thanks to you Etienne, for the esteem and the attention that you reserve me and for the passion that I read in your eyes; for your work and your other very interesting publishing initiatives. I can certainly say I found a new volcanic friend.

Here is the link to his video interview:

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