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Ambra Mattioli. “Bowienext”, the book! I'm here too.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Bowienext, the book
Bowienext, the book

Bowienext” is a documentary film about David Bowie broadcast for the first time by "RAI5" TV on 13 June 2018 in prime time, then broadcast several times on the same network and on "RAI1" TV. The film traces the traits of David Bowie's life and musical adventure, in different way than all other works published over the years and especially after, he passed away from this Earth. The film born from Rita Rocca's idea of building a choral work, based on the particular point of view of those who worked with him, and the contributions of fans from all over the world. I have already had the opportunity to talk and write about it, because I too am part of the film, to which I contribute with my short movie “Burning Tape”.

The material arrived was a lot and Rita, with the collaboration of Francesco Donadio, decided to follow up on the film with a book that shows a more complete panorama including clips of interviews, images, song texts, poems and stories, that for reasons of time and opportunity it was not possible to present within the film.

The book -in bookstores on December 8- , as the subtitle states: “Interviews, memories and testimonies about the Star Man”, therefore includes other contributions chosen from all the material available. In the book, there are many different and well-alternated visual contributions to the scrolling of the pages: paintings, graphic elaborations, images, photographs, which constitute, for those who love the subject, a pleasant browsing that does not get boring.

The particular approach of the book mitigates the risk of always reading the same stories and tales about Bowie and indeed, the alternation of the chapters, that are never excessively long, is all in all so numerous and different, to make reading enjoyable.

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