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Ambra Mattioli novel: "Black Star"

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Writing this novel, I wrote about an inner world and dreams that are part of being and becoming. I wrote about discoveries, intentions, randomness and dimensional connections, awakening of consciousness that radicalizes and transforms us.

Talking about yourself is never easy. In my case, it is even more complicated, reluctant as I am to tell about my experience. To adequately present my "Black Star", to make people understand how I came to write about this dream story of another possible universe, about the hope and certainty of what a fulfilled dream can be, about the life that each of us has within himself, I should instead succeed, but I cannot. Therefore, I rely on the words written in the presentation of my novel "Black Star" by the person I think more than any other in the world, senses what I see beyond the material I touch day by day with my hands as well as with my thoughts: my husband Giancarlo.

Here they are:

“When does an interest turn into a passion? When does passion become obsession? When does the obsession arise artfully?

I married Ambra in the 90's and I can recognize the signs of when something is boiling. The interest shifts and the gaze changes, as if the ideas, piled up in her head, forcefully decide to get out of her. It was January 8, 2016. David Bowie released his last album Blackstar. Two days later, he left this world to go to the Villa of Ormen (the city of all men). Ambra went there hundreds of times, night after night, returning in the morning with an astonishing amount of data, connections and ideas.

I remember what her inner discomfort was. Not so much to clarify why a contact took place, but to accept to put in place a whole series of behaviors whispered by someone else ... and moreover in his dreams!

Likewise, passion becomes obsession. Upon awakening Ambra would tell me in detail, what she had been told and shown. She took notes continuously and then began to write her Black Star. She wrote, composed and even despaired. For three years, until 19 January 2019, the day on which the dream contact suddenly ceased, as well as the writing of the novel ended.

Ambra told me: The coincidences, the déjà-vu, are footprints that connect the real world to the oneiric, in which dreams represent the only coherent and reassuring glue.”

The book is available on the major online platforms. Here is a direct link to Amazon:

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