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What is music? Music is a "refined vibration" and when it acts at the right frequency, it can caress, comfort, move, but it can also strike, slap; because music is not only conveyed by hearing but comes to us from a far more sensitive receptor: the brain! Because music is order, harmony and not merely mathematics as some say in a reductive way. We realize it just when we detach ourselves from it and a sense of melancholy emptiness pervades us. Music is like the succession of undertow waves, always unique and unrepeatable. Some like me see it as a structure of daring towers and pinnacles, which rise and fall according to the expressive moment, or as diagrams, in which the voids alternate with the full ones, and all together ignite my mind with images and unexpected passions.

What each of us interprets about the world around us comes from the sensory, so it depends on the degree of personal sensitivity to understand the benefits that music bestows on us. It is likely for many, to be little more than a pastime, entertainment, pleasant sound, or even an uplifting or calming rhythm that secretly linked to the memories and moods that are the soundtrack of our life.

Music is also a product to offer, exploited economically. The rules of business are in this case almost a fortune, because unlike the elite societies of the past centuries, music reaches almost all homes through radio and television. However, it is live music to represent for the artist the main means for the complete transition of the entire package made up of emotions, related to this form of art. Music allows the artist "to give, and give himself".

©Ambra Mattioli

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