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My debut on stage was in 1976 with “Cronosfera” a band of boys much older than me that lacked a leading vocalist. In 1978 I moved to London, guitar and open case on the floor of Marble Arch Underground Station. After that, piano-bar with Maestro Stefani and several experiences as background vocalist.


In 1985  “The Clips” was born: Luigi Mas, piano, Andrea Pistilli, guitar, Raffaele Califano, drums. We toured as supporter group with Nico of “The Velvet Underground”, from Milan to Rome, to Naples. We stayed together until 1989, playing our own music: Mas and Pistilli, composers with lyrics by me. Both unforgettable musicians and still very dear friends, they are today well established professionals.

I have no clips of those times, just a few photos, but we felt video-clips would be the future and we  named our band after them.


Meanwhile, I worked with Mauro Lusini, whom I met at the Fonclea while I was singing “The Great Gig in the Sky” and in RCA Italiana with Migliacci, Petrossi, Fia and Basile, to record a single that was never released.


Singer but not just a singer: in 1984-85 I directed the musical aspect of what may be called a “dark” version of Pirandello's “All'uscita”, directed by Maurizio Angeloni. I wrote and sang the soundtrack and also played a mysterious, alarming character, a solo “Greek chorus” that moved through the audience cloaked in a black cape, face painted in white like Death.


                                                                                        Ambra Mattioli (lead vocalist)
                                                                                        Andrea Pistilli (electric guitar)

                                                                                        Luigi Mas (keyboards, piano)
                                                                                        Raffaele Califano (drums)



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