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"We Beyond the Rubble". Amatrice Earthquake. Aladdin Insane benefit concert.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

On 24 August 2016, a devastating earthquake with its epicenter in the province of Rieti once again affects our country. The earthquake, which also struck in Abruzzo, set to zero small towns and villages. Amatrice, like other villages, is destroyed.

I thought in my own little way of being able to do something and I organized a musical event for Amatrice's earthquake victims: "We Beyond the Rubble". I found the location in the Atac Museum Center in the Ostiense district, generously made available by “Arene di Roma Cultural Association” and by the artistic director of “Caffè Letterario Roma”, Architect Vincenzo Pultrone to whom my special thanks go. The stage was equipped for the live by Simone Santoro and his sound and light technicians, who I thanx all. A huge thank goes above all to the twelve bands that promptly responded to the call and took turns on stage, from 6.00 p.m. to midnight. Some musical instruments have been made available by dear friend Massimo Bandiera of "Ghost Track Studio" and by Renz Videodrome. In the background, in this evening, the view of the Roman pyramid of Caius Cestius.

Ambra Mattioli David Bowie Tribute, Ambra Mattioli Noi Oltre le Macerie, Ambra Mattioli Tributo a David Bowie

I imagined this event to contribute for the earthquake victims. My thoughts go in particular to those families outside the distroyed villages that rather than abandon their animals (horses, cows, pigs) are resigned to wintering near their former houses. I could not imagine being able to make a real contribution for the whole immense earthquake zone, so I focused attention on one of the places in particular, that Amatrice.

I write in the poster of the event "Take part and share, because ... the saints in heaven this time are us!" At the entrance to the museum complex, a piggy bank to collect donations from those wishing to do so. The event is totally for the benefit of the earthquake victims. Nothing is subtracted from the total proceeds, including the payment of SIAE and the service's out-of-pocket expenses, which are at my expense.

In numerical terms, we have not collected so much (about two thousand euros) and I know that the amount in itself is modest. However, I think (and I want to mention dear friend Danilo Lollobrigida) that "The economic result was very good, considering that the offer was free, that the area had a contained capacity , that we did not press people to make them pay and that there were so many very young boys who could give little. Nevertheless, almost everyone present paid a contribution, including foreign tourists who entered in the complex... "

I know these are small things, even if made with a big heart.

The Mayor of Amatrice is too busy on the territory, to go directly by person to give him the sum we collect. Therefore, I made a transfer for the total sum on the current account activated by the municipality for the earthquake emergency.

A drop in the sea, but a testimony of closeness and affection.

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