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"The Voice of Italy, Senior" Ambra Mattioli sings David Bowie "Heroes".

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

We are in times of virus Sars-Cov2 (Covid-19), of difficult times that affect many people indiscriminately and the older, with particular vehemence and suffering from the point of view of the consequences of the health emergency. We are all a bit committed into making the waiting hours that separate us from the end of the emergency lighter, hours in which we must all observe strict rules to reduce the risk of contagion.

Meanwhile, everything has changed: the conviviality, the strolling, the travels, the meetings, the live shows, the theaters, and the cinema. We spend much more of our time at home, rather than outside how we used to. Even the entertainment in the media has adapted, orienting itself towards new attentions for the audience, closer to current times, which we all wish to overcome with hope rather than with fear. Among the musical entertainment programs, for example, Rai 1 TV on 27 November broadcast “The Voice of Italy, Senior”. This is the first time that the target “Senior” of the international format “The Voice” is on Italian TV.

It's December 4 2020, and here I am on Rai 1 TV, in prime time, at the “Blind Auditions” #2 of “The Voice Senior”. I cannot comment on my own. I am here to sing, and I have the opportunity to perform David Bowie's music. Heroes is not an easy song indeed. It is a song that if performed without the right feeling and rhythm, risks being flat or dull. Here the risk is greater, due to the tension of such a large stage, the judgment of such a vast audience, the examination of the coaches, and a "cut" of the song lasting less than two minutes in which you have to voice yourself and your passion. Well, I haven't thought about any of this. I went on stage and sang, without expecting anything, just happy to be there, to live a new adventure. The video I link here is about my short interview and performance on stage.

I am happy to have been there, having the opportunity to meet so many smart and truly special people, living their work in television studios. Above all, I am happy to have met good people and famous iconic artists of the Italian music scene, who have honored me with their appreciation: Albano Carrisi, his daughter Jasmine, Gigi D’Alessio, Loredana Bertè, and Clementino.

Clementino is my "coach". He is a surprise, a lively man, humanly unusual indeed, a modern man but with the charm of the good old times, an "outsider", as he refers to himself in this show. I am thrilled with him and I really appreciate him!

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