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Ambra Mattioli. My Uncle Roger: actor Sir Roger Moore.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I read an article today in an online magazine entitled "That time that David Bowie hid under a table to escape Roger Moore". The article reports that author Dylan Jones tells the episode in his new book ... coming soon in bookstores ... "David Bowie: a life".

I smiled, and I thought of the proliferation of those who now write and call themselves profound connoisseurs or former visitors to the White Duke.

For this particular episode I smiled twice, because ... the things told are not really so: they went differently, and far from what the author wrote, however, reporting - so says the article - that the episode would have been told to him by others ...

In short, I think, writing when you can't be denied is easy, and writing a book that tells stories and maybe even makes gossip about a "myth" of the show (and here there are even two: David Bowie and Roger Moore) ... no one denies it to anyone ... :) - smile mode ON -

However, how do I know that the episode told is at least misappropriated? My uncle Roger! Yes, Sir Roger Moore, who passed away on May 23 of this year, was my uncle. He married Luisa Mattioli, my father's sister. I could tell how this episode really happened, but I do not think anyone can care.

In any case, I will put some family photos here, about me with my Uncle Roger, my Aunt Luisa, my dad and mom.

Uncle Roger was a nice person, a real gentleman; he didn't drink and he didn't smoke and he was not at all an intrusive person ... at that time he had at most a noisy dog :)

Just the day after his death, Doris Zaccone and Riccardo Quadrano, speakers of "Bla Bla Capital" program broadcast by "Radio Capital", were very fond of airing a memory of Roger Moore and on that occasion they interviewed me live about him.

Here is the link to the podcast of the interview, at minute 54:54

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