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Ambra Mattioli. Jesus Christ Superstar, the 40th anniversary at Sistina Theater in Rome.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I sing the whole Jesus Christ Superstar musical. I perform the voices of all nine main characters. I put on my shows with a pianist (Angelo Caselli, now an established cardiologist, always my dear friend), an aid for the choirs (Flavio Marcello Troiso, my son), and an exceptional Caiaphas (Pasquale Gualtieri, a new dear friend with a powerful and precise voice, known at the Sistina Theatre).

We focus on the play of light, some change of clothes and a lot of intrinsic emotion in the Work that we manage to convey to the audience. It is a new challenge, a madness with a surprising result, something the public does not expect.

How could I miss the show at the Sistina Theater in Rome for the 40th anniversary of the musical! I have been there twice, in May and in September. The shows scheduled for April, to meet the great demand for tickets from the audience, were in fact repeated until May. Both times, I meet Ted Neeley and speak with him. In May I give him the CDs with some videos of my show. In September, he recognizes me and says hugging me: "How can you do that! All the roles! Amazing, You're Amazing!"

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