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"Inside": a Roman summer at Rebibbia Jail. Aladdin Insane benefit concert.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

This is our third benefit concert for the inmates of the Rebibbia Prison. The prisoners could receive the visit of families, parents, children, wives, girlfriends this afternoon and spend a few hours with them, listening to music and I imagine hoping for a better future.

I know it is controversial. I think that those who make mistakes must pay for their mistakes, but it is undeniable that the emotion is strong in seeing the hugs of the children, the strong embrace of those who love each other ... anyway.

This third concert is the second one in the sun, in the courtyard, until the afternoon has passed. Last year we were in a corridor of a detention arm. There the emotion was even stronger. I saw people who had done their utmost for the "event", striving all night in the cell with a makeshift stove invented to prepare us some sweets. I do not know... They were wrong and they have to pay. I am convinced of it. However, I cannot help but also feel emotion, for those who are serving their sentence and maybe make "good" projects for when they come out, for the stories they told me, for the hands I held and the looks I saw, even from the guards. It is tough, but I am sure some deserve it, others I do not know... This evening I know I am going home with my thoughts.

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