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Ambra Mattioli sings "I'm Calling You", from the album "Flat Time" by Tommaso Tella.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Ambra Mattioli "I'm Calling You"
"I'm Calling You" Ambra Mattioli

It’s a “Flat Time” -as it is the passing of hours at the time of the "lockdown"- here in Italy, in the Year of the Lord 2020, at the beginning of the era of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.

Tommaso Tella is a dear friend of mine. He is a musician, the guitarist who, with me and the other members of Aladdin Insane band, carries on our passion for David Bowie's music.

Tommaso is a “rocker”. He also follows the ClashBack project to play the Clash music: in this fun and light-hearted adventure Luciano Fubelli and Marco Di Nicolantonio, respectively bassist and drummer of Aladdin Insane band accompany him. In 2018 featuring Marco Di Nicolantonio, Tommaso records the album "Fairies Sprinkle Magic Dust" by Paolo Spunk Bertozzi.

In fact, all of us Aladdin Insane have a rocker soul, which appears, I think, in several of our “Bowian” performances.

In the months of Covid isolation, Tommaso instead to be sad, composes six new songs reflecting his mood and memories in those days of "flat time". With heart and spirit, he embarks on the adventure to produce his own album, which he completes by pulling out three songs written years before. He plays guitar in all the pieces and in some of them even the bass. All drums are by Marco di Nicolantonio. What come about the voices? Here comes the fun! Tommaso asks to some of his vocalist friends, to help him in his project, singing each one of them different songs. The result is "Flat Time": album composed by nine rather heterogeneous rock songs however linked by a common thread.

We are in "lockdown" time and the processing of the various songs start for each one in their own home. From June to September, as soon as the restriction conditions allow it, Tommaso and his friends complete the recording of voices, mixing, and editing of the tracks, in the "Soundmakers" studio of Valerio Cesaroni, dear friend and excellent professional sound engineer. The album release is in October 23 on all digital platforms.

Here you find the song "I'm Calling You" I perform. It's the the song n. 4 of 9, the debut single of the “Flat Time” album, which Tommaso publishes in October 19 on his dedicated YouTube® channel. Tommaso will release soon new clips now in shooting.

Hope you enjoy music!

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