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Ambra Mattioli. "Heroes" by Simone Bozzelli: my great love for David Bowie.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

More or less a year ago, I met Simone Bozzelli, at the time a student of directing and cinematography at the "Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome".

He contacted me with a phone call to ask me candidly if I had been willing to play the short film, he had thought of shooting: about me. Indeed, about my great love for David Bowie! He had in fact the task of conceiving, scripting and shooting a short film about "The First Love". He had heard of me, he had seen me, and ... he had imagined! Obviously, I surprised him too, saying yes right away!

We filmed from January to February 2018 and this you can see by clicking below is the result of hours and hours of shooting, processing, commitment, passion and professionalism, his and by the film crew which accompanied Simone in the realization of this project. It came out a funny and ironic work, sometimes in Roman dialect spoken that lightens some parts of the movie, which when I first saw it pleasantly surprised me.

Thanks to this work, Simone and his crew were awarded the title to continue their studies at the Center, and I am happy to have contributed to this.

Good luck, Simone!

Affectionately, Ambra.

His other two short films: "My brother", and "Loris is fine", have been presented at events, and international festivals, and have achieved success and recognition.

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