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Ambra Mattioli. The film "BOWIENEXT" broadcast by "RAI 5" TV: I am here too.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Tonight at 9.15 pm, "RAI 5" TV broadcasts in prime time the film about David Bowie: "Bowienext - Birth of a galaxy". The film was born from the passion of Rita Rocca, RAI TV journalist who conceived and produced it. The film was an independent project with an international scope, then adopted by "RAI Cultura" and "RAI 5" TV, that aired it today.

I am in the movie with my short film "Burning Tape" by director Valerio Burli I produced and interpreted. There is Rita Rocca herself with her beautiful animated short "The Shadow Man". There is director Renaud Cojo with his moving short "After All" and some other videos made by other David Bowie fans.

Rita launched this project two years ago, in 2016, after David Bowie passed away. She had the idea of a documentary film that should not have been as the many already made about him. David Bowie with his artistic presence in the last fifty years influenced and characterized the music scene - and not only this - of the second half of the twentieth century up to the days ours. Sure he has been a pop star, but also a complete artist, an eclectic genius who made of the research and the change a style of his intellectual and soul aspiration.

Bowienext Rai5 Ambra Mattioli

The film brings together contributions from fans all around the world: short films, animations, testimonies of life, performances and songs dedicated to David Bowie. Rita made the film with her own resources, certainly not comparable to those of a great production. I am thinking about the BBC who made so many videos about David Bowie, and about the RAI TV itself, to which Rita then proposed the film and which decided to send it on the air because it appreciated and understood her work.

During the editing of the movie, Rita had to make choices keeping an eye on both the editing of the scenes and the audience appreciation. Due to the length, it was not possible to Rita to fully include my "Burning Tape" movie -the same happened for her short-, but parts of our two works are in the film. We are there! There are also David Bowie fans, there are artists who knew him, and there are interviews and time jumps through some videos of the RAI showcases telling of his first tour in Italy.

For those who have not seen the video and would like to see it, here is the direct link to "RayPlay" TV. It is easy to access.

Hope you enjoy the movie.

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