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Ambra Mattioli. David Bowie "Blackstar" LIVE The Full Album, performed with the Star in my Heart.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Ambra Mattioli and the Aladdin Insane, first and for now the only ones in the world, present to the audience - from the stage of the Cross Roads in Rome - David Bowie's "Blackstar" full album event + No Plan performed exclusively LIVE without recorded music and in the original keys.

Playing the full album live, we approached and gradually discovered, understood and loved as musicians, the dynamics and sound of Blackstar's songs in their complexity and musical beauty. The study and preparation of the songs on the album engaged us in the rehearsal room for more than six months of our life. A challenge that we faced and carried out with uncommon tenacity and passion, but above all as an act of love for David Bowie and his music.

After the first part of the show: the entire Blackstar + No Plan - a song from the same session but not included in the album - we take a short break to recover from the emotion, both for us and for the audience. The second part continues with an overview of the greatest hits that make David Bowie the complete and eclectic artist we love, the black star that everyone now knows ... "everybody knows me now".

Ambra Mattioli David Bowie Tribute, Ambra Mattioli Tributo a David Bowie

David Bowie, a myth of our times, has closed his long artistic career with Blackstar, universally judged as his last masterpiece.

The complexity of the musical pieces and the impressive meaning of the texts indicates that up until the end he worked, to stage what will be remembered as the representation of his death, or rather of his passage to another "Plan", of which he had a controversial, entirely personal vision.

To make Blackstar, rather than musicians who have always been his friends, David Bowie used a lesser-known New York band to add the jazz-noire sound he wanted to his last intimate and dramatic work.

I thank the managers and the Artistic Director of the Cross Roads Live Club, who have trusted me by hosting an event, even if exclusive, as special as this. To things done, catching the eyes of the audience, we understood we achieved the goal of giving everyone a dream.

I produced a movie of the entire show. I called the Director Valerio Burli that with his crew and his wise eye has filmed the whole evening. The editing work proceeds and soon we will publish the video of the first part of the show: Blackstar + No Plan on my YouTube channel, free and visible to all.

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