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Ambra Mattioli. David Bowie "Blackstar" LIVE The full album event: the movie.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

David Bowie knew he would not play his latest album Blackstar live, a masterpiece he had designed and created in the studio. As musicians, Aladdin Insane and I Ambra Mattioli gradually discovered how difficult it was to perform the full album exclusively live. It was an effort that required a strong commitment and passion from all the members of our band. A challenge that above all we have undertaken lived and won, as a true act of love and respect for David Bowie and his music. Valerio Burli (*) is a young and talented director that understood and disclosed all these elements in the film he shot with his crew.

Here is the film by director Valerio Burli of the first part of the show concerning the entire Blackstar album + No Plan, which we Aladdin Insane performed exclusively live, without recorded music and in original keys at the Cross Roads in Rome.

Valerio grasped and shown in the movie all the elements of challenge, passion, love and respect for David Bowie that we brought with us on the stage. This young and talented director made a montage of the footage (made by four fixed and five mobile cameras) that highlighted the dynamics of each song on the album. When I told him about this project, I immediately had the feeling that he had pleasure and satisfaction in shooting the film and I really believe this happened because our passion -the music-, met his passion: the cinema.

(*) on December 15th 2017 "Cold inside" by director Valerio Burli has been awarded as the best Italian short film at the third edition of the “Fabrique du Cinéma Awards” by the prestigious jury presided over by actor Willem Dafoe. On June 2019 his film is in competition at the ICFF Canada - Italian Contemporary Film Festival

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