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Ambra Mattioli. Waiting for BOWIENEXT, the film.

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

As part of the "Bowie Blackstardust" events conceived and curated by Roberta Cima and Pietro Galluzzi, the "Spazio Cima" gallery present the project "Bowienext" and show to the audience the short teaser "Waiting for Bowienext".

Bowienext is the brainchild of dear friend Rita Rocca, journalist and director at RAI TV, who devised a project open to all David Bowie fans for the creation of an international collective film dedicated to him. Not one of the usual documentaries on the life of a pop star, but something more creative and emotionally engaging: a film that gathers contributions sent from all over the world, without limits to creativity; leaving the authors free to express themselves as they wish, provided that the video is inspired or dedicated to Bowie.

Will also be part of the film, interviews curated by Rita both with personalities from the world of music and culture who have known and collaborated with Bowie, and musicians and writers inspired by his music or that deepened his biography.

Here the link to the facebook page of RAI5 TV where you can see the trailer of the next Bowienext

Ambra Mattioli David Bowie Tribute, Ambra Mattioli Tributo a David Bowie, Ambra Mattioli Aladdin Insane

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