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David Bowie "1.Outside" Live The full album, performed by Ambra Mattioli.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022


I always considered this album as David Bowie's obscure masterpiece. Loved by some, ignored by others. Not very popular among that audience that rather knows its most “popular” hits (“Space Oddity”, “Starman”, “Life on Mars?”, “Rebel Rebel”, “Let's Dance”, and so on).

The progressive music of this concept album, interspersed with narrative fragments spoken between song and song, was in 1995 absolutely innovative and original. Even the lyrics, apart from the music, are particular, of rather difficult subject.

The album is complicated, not easy to perform live but in my opinion extraordinary and I decide to involve other talented professional musicians in my ambitious project. I worked with them for six months in the rehearsal room to arrange all the songs live. It has been an artistic and human challenge collected with passion, because “1.Outside”, twenty years after its release, is still an “avant-garde” album.

Twenty years after its release, first and for now the only one in the world, I present to the audience - from the stage of the CrossRoads in Rome - exclusively live including the spoken parts, without recorded music and in the original keys, the entire David Bowie album "1.Outside". A new challenge, a new goal, yesterday a risk, today a success of which I am proud.

Here you can see the video clip of the song “The heart's filthy lesson” prepared for the launch of the event.

Here below is the link to the page of my website dedicated to my “1.OUtside AGain” project.

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