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"Heroes" by Simone Bozzelli


"Hi, my name is Simone. I Study film directing at the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome. A professor of mine assigned to me a task; I've to do a short film whose theme is an investigation about "the first love". I didn't want to talk about the classic love between guys and gals, and since I saw you and I realized your great love for David Bowie, I want to ask you if you could help me with my task by interpreting the short film I thought about you."

This the phone call I received by Simone Bozzelli. My reply was: "With pleasure. Let's talk about it"

He later told me that he didn't imagine that I would have responded immediately and positively. Because he still didn't know that I'm an instinctive and if I like something, I do it without thinking about it too much.

This was the beginning of a collaboration and friendship for both. It was hours of filming, commitment, passion and professionalism on his part and of the whole team, who worked very well. We shot between January and February 2018. Then editing of the film, and in April it was ready. His short, which he titled "Heroes", passed the exam successfully and gave him and his team the title to continue their studies at the Center. And I'm happy to have contributed to this.

His other two short films: "My brother", and "Loris is fine", have been presented at events, and international festivals, and have achieved success and recognition.

Good luck Simone!

Affectionately, Ambra.



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