Hannah by Andrea Pallaoro


Metro stop Quintiliani, Rome B Line, 2016-11-24 // 2016-11-25. Shooting in Rome of the movie "Hannah" by director Andrea Pallaoro. Fantastic crew! Thank you all! It was a unique experience.


Madame Charlotte Rampling's fascination left me speechless. Thanks to Andrea Pallaoro, very good Director, to Mr. Andreas OV, to Laura Klein, to the costume designers (who gave me a fantastic jacket), to the make-up artists and to the many who worked as I never saw before. It was an unforgettable experience. Thank you.

The film is set in Brussels, but, for safety reasons, it was not possible to shoot the subway scenes in that city, for which a subway stop on the Rome B line was identified. References to the Rome metro were then removed in the film editing: this is the magic of cinema :)

"Hannah" is in competition at the 74th Venice International Film Festival (September 2017). I am honored to have been part of the cast. I played a small part, a street artist who sings "Modern Love" by David Bowie on guitar. But then this short frame turned into the soundtrack for the presentation of the film on the red carpet, and this was absolutely unexpected!! In practice, I had the honor of introducing on the red carpet Madame Charlotte Rampling and all the cast delegation.

Among the photos from the red carpet, also that of the director Andrea Pallaoro and of Charlotte Rampling awarded with the Volpi Cup as the Best Actress for this film. 

Here the link to a “fanpage” article on the film in Venice:



"Hannah" is in theaters in Italy from Thursday 15 February 2018. I played a very small part but I was much honored of it.


The film is very hard ... a true descent into hell for the protagonist. Not recommended for families, I think. Charlotte is very good! She holds all the film with his presence alone. Andrea is exceptional, strong, uncompromising director. 

Without making spoilers, I can tell you that when I was on stage, I was so excited by the story that I hardly saw myself!

Here the link to the review by Alessandro Sgritta and the trailer of the film.








Hannah and the Movie Director Andrea Pallaoro


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