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Cabinetmaker Designer

Ambra Mattioli Ebanista Designer

The main difference between painting, writing, playing and crafting is the three dimensional aspect of the latter.

Any construction is based on sound structural rules. It has to meet functionality, usefulness and harmony criteria. Its shape has to be well proportioned. Usually, the essential  part of a wood construction is not visible: it's the mainframe, the hidden structure that has to be sturdy enough to be able to endure the stress of the specific piece of furniture it belongs to.

A careful plan is essential for a successful crafting.

That is what I like most. First, I choose the type of wood, usually a rough log with bark, but already sanitized against woodworms and mold. Then I have it longitudinally cut in a sawmill, but the rest of the cutting, smoothing and shaping, I keep  for myself, or I'll lose most of the fun.

When I assemble my creations, I prefer wooden dowels instead of nails. I also use natural glue made of water, flour and garlic, better suited for the dry air of our radiators heated homes than the vinyl-based ones.


For the inlays and decorations, which give dynamism and depth to my creations, I use veneers of various colours and dimensions that I insert with gouges or an electric cutter, but always freehand.


Frames, hinges and handles are polished or bronzed brass either antique or of my own design and made for me by a blacksmith friend.


My careful choice of the materials, the planning, the harmonization of shapes and weights help me see the pieces I make as unconventional, simple and essential realizations, ideal for warm, bright, personalized spaces. Mistakes are not allowed  and I smile when, looking at my finished work, I realize there has been no waste: I have used all the parts I had planned and cut.

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