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On 13 June 2018 at 9.15 pm RAI5 TV broadcasts for the first time the documentary "Bowienext - Birth of a galaxy".

The film, broadcast several times, also on RAI1 TV channel, was born from an idea by journalist Rita Rocca. An independent international project later adopted by RAI Cultura and RAI5 TV.

My short film "Burning Tape" by director Valerio Burli, which I interpreted and produced, is part of the film. In the Bowienext film there is Rita Rocca herself, with her beautiful animated short "The Shadow Man"; there is Renaud Cojo, with his touching "After All", and many others, chosen among the submitted works, to be part of the final version.

Rita launched this project in 2016, after David Bowie passed away. She had the idea of ​​a documentary film different from the many already made on him. With his artistic presence in the last fifty years, Bowie influenced and characterized the music scene from the second half of the twentieth century up to the present days. Moreover, not just this. He was a pop star, but also an all-round artist, an eclectic genius who made about research and about change the constant of his intellectual and soul aspiration.

The film brings together contributions of fans from around the world: short films, animations, testimonies of life, performances, and songs dedicated to him. Rita realized this film with its own resources, not certainly comparable to those of a great production (I think on this matter to the BBC and the many films about Bowie that it produced). Rita finally proposed his film to the RAI TV, which appreciated and understood his work and put it on the air. 

In view of so many works received from the fans, choices were needed during assembly and editing of the film, due to scenic needs and interest of the public. My short film, and even Rita’s animated short, even for reasons of duration,  have not be included in full, but our works are there! There is the breath of the idea behind it all. There is love for Bowie and his work. In the film there are his fans, there are musicians who have known him, interviews, and time jumps through videos from RAI showcases.


For those who have not seen the video, and would like to see it.

Enjoy the movie.

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